How It Works

Partnering with Scott and Goldman is easy!

Our collection process to your delinquent account receivables:

How it WorksOnce the servicing agreement is signed and received the client account is set up to receive new collection placements by the most convenient method ( Hard copy or via mail, fax or electronically). Most basic documentation needed is a statement of account, itemized invoice, proof of delivery and signed credit application or financial agreement.

  • S&G will acknowledge accounts assigned.
  • S&G can accommodate special handling of certain accounts as requested, or begin collection with the most ffective method necessary.
  • S&G immediately send initial written demand putting debtor on notice as mandated by state and federal regulation.
  • Your receivable will be handled by our account executives that is most experience in your industry.
  • Personal contact and written campaign will be ongoing throughout the collection cycle.
  • Skip tracing and asset location technology are utilized on “skips” and substantial balances.
  • S&G report all valid delinquent accounts to the major credit bureaus.
  • S&G will recommend legal proceedings as appropriate or at the insistence of the client.
  • S&G remits funds as the collection of debtor’s payment clears our trust account.


Services Include:

  • Outsourcing
  • Letter writing service
  • Commercial collection
  • Consumer / Retail Collection
  • Legal forwarding National and International
  • Judgment enforcement
  • Bankruptcy claims
  • Asset Searches
  • Skip Tracing


Clients Include:

  • Pharmaceutical manufactures
  • Advertisers
  • Mechanical
  • Health food Industry
  • Steel Industry
  • Metal Fabricators
  • Paper Mills
  • Printing and Graphic
  • Transportation
  • Cell phone contracts
  • And others